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How to earn free backlinks for your new sites


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1.) Broken links :
Broken links helps you to create single way backlinks. Most of time odds are high that you’ve come across the 404 errors. At a point, when a site has been brought totally, existing backlinks on other websites will result in 404 errors. This is really a bad sign for SEO which will affect your ranking in the long run.

The technique involved reaching out the website admin to report broken links on their site. Simultaneously, you prescribe other websites to replace the link. Since you’re doing webmaster a favor by reporting backlinks, the chances of backlinks back to your site is high.

2.) Guest Posting :
Guest posting is the most effective way to reach audiences. It is the practice of contributing free content to another website or a blog in exchange for a link back to your own site. You’ll get your content in front of new readers and winning increased online visibility. This link building technique has been popular because it's the case of helping each other out. This links can be placed in the body section or author bio section. thus, guest posting improve your search engine ranking for SERPs.

3.) Spy on your Competitors :
What techniques have your competitors been using, what plans they implement to get out there or they’ve got a content that is already ranking. If you’re serious about the fact that about generating organic traffic, keeping awake to dates with your competitors online strategies. You’ve to follow their pages on social media because there’ll be sharing a relevant content. Identify growth opportunities on your competitors social media strategy and discover when and what backlinks your competitors are building.

4.) Internal Linking :
Internal Linking is the most crucial factor for running a website or blog. With the good internal structure, you can develop a great user experience which helps them navigate to your website. It really engages users for a long period of time rather typing a search query to find the relevant information on some other site, you provide a means for them to have it on your site.
There are many tools to automatically create internal links, but the best practice is to create it manually. Be careful while internal linking, a good rule is to keep backlinks per page down to below 100, you also need to include external links to the count.

5.) Create and Promote quality content :
If you have the best content in the world on your website but what’s the point if you’re not promoting it. If you’re creating a great quality content and unique content, then chances of probability is more that other sites and especially bloggers will come to you rather to approach them first. Content is one of the few ways you can control your likelihood of earning backlinks instead of generating social media shares and other backlinks.

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